We will promote the creation of a dynamic workplace through the practice of "Akira", "Aiwa" and "Kido".
We will nurture people who love their families deeply, respect their ancestors very much, and build a friendly and unwavering home.

Membership Guide

Membership Guide



Eligible members

Representatives of corporate managers, offices, and organizations in Yokohama city who agree with the purpose of the Ethics Corporation Association and are willing to participate in activities.

Membership fee

Flow of enrollment

・ If you are interested in introducing from members, please try the "Management Morning Seminar" first.
・ If you contact the introduction person or the secretariat of the Prefectural Ethics Corporation association in advance, we will guide you on the date, time, location, etc.
・When you participate, there is no force or interview to join, so please feel free to participate.
・ If you wish to join on that, you can proceed with the enrollment procedure by the specified application form.

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Kanagawa Prefecture Ethics Association Secretariat